Mutation Badge

It’s possible to add a fancy mutation score badge for your github project.

How to set it up

Infection MSI

Take these steps to enable the mutation score badge on your repository.

  1. Make sure you enabled a Travis integration for your project (we only support Travis at the moment. Feel free to request another CI).
  2. Go to and sign in with your github account. We use the Stryker Dashboard to store mutation score for badges. Stryker is a mutation testing framework for Javascript that shares its service for other mutations frameworks.
  3. Enable a repository you want to create a mutation badge to. Stryker Dashboard will generate a key for you automatically.
  4. Configure an API key in your project. Please make sure you encrypt this variable using the encrypted environment variables. For example:

    travis encrypt INFECTION_BADGE_API_KEY=89b99910-xxxx-yyyy-9a91-23d709c828b4 --add

    For your convenience STRYKER_DASHBOARD_API_KEY can be used just as well.

  5. Configure the badge logger in your infection.json file (you will need Infection version 0.9.0 or higher):

    "logs": {
    "badge": {
    "branch": "master"
  6. Force a Travis build: $ git push origin master

Your badge will be available at:{username}/{repository_name}/{branch}. (don’t forget to add it to your readme file)

If you want to make mutation badge as a link to Infection, use [![Infection MSI]({username}/{repository_name}/{branch})](

That’s it! Hope you like it.