What's new in Infection 0.21.0

Jan 27, 2021

Release: https://github.com/infection/infection/releases/tag/0.21.0

BC Breaks

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New features and enhancements

@infection-ignore-all annotation

Give this example Infection won’t mutate or even look at anything inside this function:

/** @infection-ignore-all */
public function doSomethingNastyButCostlyToRefactor() {


Likewise, given this annotation Infection won’t consider anything in this loop:

/** @infection-ignore-all */
foreach ($foo as $bar) {

This can be useful when you want to disable all the mutators for a particular piece of the code.

There are many other ways of disabling mutators & profiles: see here

New infection describe command

Run the infection describe command to get information about mutators, right from the command line.

infection describe Plus

Mutator Category: orthogonalReplacement

Replaces an addition operator (`+`) with a subtraction operator (`-`).

For example:

- $a = $b + $c;
+ $a = $b - $c;

For some mutators, there will be pieces of advice on how to kill Mutants. Feel free to share your cases and contribute to this doc.

See the full list of available mutators here

--noop option for Noop mutators

There can be a situation when Infection kills the Mutant, but if you do the same changes in the source code manually, tests pass.

Infection runs the tests in a random order, and if the project’s tests suite is not ready for it, tests can fail because of reordering. Make sure to always run tests randomly:

<phpunit executionOrder="random">
<!-- ... -->

Another possible reason is that tests are not ready to be executed in parallel, when you use Infection with a --threads=X parameter.


in both cases, one test can override the data written by another test so that one of them fails.

In order to debug such issues, there is a special --noop option for it. When it’s used, all mutators leave the code untouched, but Infection still runs the tests in order to kill such Mutants.

If everything works as expected, every Mutant should be escaped. For every mutation (which in fact is not a mutation at all) tests should pass, because the source code is not changed.

This is an example of how the output can look like:

bin/infection --noop

Processing source code files: 407/407
.: killed, M: escaped, U: uncovered, E: fatal error, T: timed out, S: skipped


11 mutations were generated:
0 mutants were killed
1 mutants were not covered by tests
10 covered mutants were not detected
0 errors were encountered
0 time outs were encountered
0 mutants required more time than configured

Mutation Score Indicator (MSI): 0%
Mutation Code Coverage: 90%
Covered Code MSI: 0%

so, Mutants are either not covered by tests or escaped. It means tests are green for each noop mutator that just don’t change the code.

If, for some reason, some Mutants are killed with --noop, then there is an issue. To further debug the reason, --log-verbosity=all option can be used to analyze infection.log file. Don’t forget to enable text logger in infection.json configuration file:

"logs": {
"text": "infection.log"

In this log file, you can see tests output for every Mutant, with the information about why tests fail.

New Mutators

PregMatchRemoveFlags mutator

This mutator removes all flags used in a regular expression in preg_match() function, one by one.

- preg_match('/^test$/igu', $string);

# Mutation 1
+ preg_match('/^test$/gu', $string);
# Mutation 2
+ preg_match('/^test$/iu', $string);
# Mutation 3
+ preg_match('/^test$/ig', $string);

PregMatchRemoveCaret mutator

Removes ^ symbol from a regular expression:

- preg_match("/^test$/", $string));
+ preg_match("/test$/", $string));

PregMatchRemoveDollar mutator

Removes $ symbol from a regular expression:

- preg_match("/^test$/", $string));
+ preg_match("/^test/", $string));

There will be much more mutators for a regular expression. Our core team member @BackAndTea is working on Regexer - parser for building AST for regexes.
This will allow working with them in a much easier way and do more complex mutations.

PHP 8 NullSafe mutators

NullSafeMethodCall mutator

- $object->getObject()?->getName();
+ $object->getObject()->getName();

NullSafePropertyCall mutator

- $object->property?->name;
+ $object->property->name;

Concat mutator

Swaps different sides of concatenation operator:

- $result = $foo . $bar;
+ $result = $bar . $foo;

ConcatOperandRemoval mutator

Swaps different sides of concatenation operator:

- $result = $foo . $bar;
# Mutation 1
+ $result = $bar;
# Mutation 2
+ $result = $foo;

While mutator

This mutator turns while into 0 iteration cycle:

$condition = true;
- while ($condition) {
+ while (false) {

DoWhile mutator

This mutator turns do/while into 1 iteration cycle:

do {
$condition = true;
- } while ($condition);
+ } while (false);